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  • Posson Packaging revives an investment program

    Posson Packaging is commited to an investment plan of 4 to 5 M € over 2017 and 2018. The specialist in printed packaging, employing 130 people in Louailles, has expanded its machinery, especially in cutting and printing. last year, the company invested in a robotic pallet packaging solution as part of the robot start PME program. For this, the company also used the expertise of companies in its employment area, such as Buisard or Mecachrome.

    Storage Building

    Sylvie Casenave-Péré, the presidents of the company, is now considering the construction of a storage building of  2000 to 3000m2 on a neighboring plot by 2018. this new building would make it possible to reintegrate part of the logistics function of the company Posson packaging achieved a turnover of 24.5 M € in 2016, an increase of 4%. "it is a growth less than the past years but it is good to have such a level of breathing," says Sylvie Casenave-Péré who raised 17 employees to the company's capital with a view to forward transmission. Nicolas Foussier, his eldest son, has  been in charge of the company for eight years. Posson packaging every day. Agri-food accounts for 50% of volumes, healthcare 17%, industry 20%, and POS advertising the rest.

    International Packaging Group 

    In addition, Posson packaging has become the french referent of the International Packaging Group (IPG), a group of 27 independent companies in the sector exchanging best practices and mutual advice. In terms of innovation, the company is currently working on solutions made of new materials that will soon be unveiled.

  • Open House Day 25/03/2017

    378 people visited the production workshops at posson.
    We invite you to discover this report by clicking here.
    Also find this article here.
  • We are happy to be members of ECMA 23/02/2017
    We are happy members, as of today, of the ECMA. The ECMA is the European Carton Makers Association.
    It is the biggest international association in our business. The largest cartoners and supliers in our industry, as well as many customers, are part of ECMA. It is a great pride for the whole company to intergrate this very closed club.

    In 1995, due to poorly  targeted investments, Posson Packaging, a family-owned packaging founded in 1942, is at its worst. Solicited by members of management
    to help them straighten out the business. Sylvie Casenave-Péré will change the destiny. We invite you to discover this report by clicking here.

  • Wishes 2017!
    Our Posson Packaging team wishes a Happy New Year to you 2017!
  • At the head of the "best performing" leaders 20-10-2016

    The first Women West Grand Prix was presented yesterday in Nantes. In number 1 Laurence Bénissan, CEO of IDD-Xpert, a normande biotechnology company. Just click here.

  • All 4 pack

    In a context of increasing integration throughout the entire production chain, in 2016, packaging and handling fairs confirm their complementarity and become ALL4PACK Paris, the global marketplace for Packaging, Processing Printing and Handling. We invite you to discover this le report by clicking here.(video in french).
  • Award the responsible companies

    Posson Packaging awarded the Responsible Companies trophy in the Human Resources category awarded by the Expansion and AXA. Just click here.

  • Living the job differently
    Posson Packaging is one of the companies that gives happiness to the office following the new ideas "The hierarchy you will delete". Just click here.

  • Posson, a company that does otherwise
    Posson Packaging has put in place an eco-design approach from A to Z (HQE building, FSC /PEFC papers...). Just click here.

  • Entreprendre the Feminine. February 2016

    The life of a business creator looks like a great adventure. By recounting their journey as combatants, women entrepreneurs return to these key moments, strong and important, which have anchored them in their project. Just click here.
  • Posson stimulated by eco-design
    At Posson Packaging, the ecodesign aproach made it possible to remobilize the staff. Just click here.

  • Posson 2016
    Boite 2016
    The 2016 Christmas Giftbox is celebrating the 20 years of the Quality Guideline of Sablé area. This box is delivered with an augmented reality application. You will dive into a funny world discovering the Happiness recipe made by Posson Packaging.
    This application show you how interactive a packaging can be nowadays with music, picture, video and 3D animation…
    You can download this application searching “Posson 2016” in Android and Apple store.
  • Posson 2015, a year
    The year 2015 was loaded for Posson Packaging. With double-digit growth, plant buy-out and new investments, it is at its best. Just click here.

  • Posson develops the concept and the recipe for happiness. 29-12-2015
    Just like the Christmas gift offered at a glance to its suppliers and customers, the cardboard company Posson surfer on reality augmented its know-how and now owns its factory. Just click here.

  • Posson : The price is high, but it's finally done. december 2015
    The company based in Ouest-Park, in Louailles has finally acquired its premises. The patroness evokes this fight to enlarge and the projects of Posson Packaging for 2016. Just click here.

  • Posson. Enlargement in view
    In conflict with the owner of his factory, the company can now redeem its building and consider the future. An expansion project is already in the cartons. Just click here.

  • Posson can finally its premises. 23-10-2015
    The cardboard company, installed since 2004 in Louailles, has finally received the authorisation of the owner of the factory. Just click here.

  • Growing green growth. february 2015
    Sylvie Casenave-Péré, président of Posson Packaging, specializes in the packaging of all types of products (agri-food, hygiene, communiction...), has made eco-design the driving force behind its strategy. Just click here.

  • French Federation on Carton Board awards 2015
    Posson Packaging wins 2015 folding carton trophy for its box called “La Collection de Grasse”.

  • API E-letter of November 3, 2014
    Packaging : the winning strategy of Posson packaging
    Just click here.
  • Caractere magazine
    Let's discover here the interview of Sylvie CASENAVE-PERE, published in Caractere magazine in May 2014
  • Usine Nouvelle magazine
    POSSON PACKAGING appeared in a report of Usine Nouvelle magazine in April 2014. Just click here
  • Trophée régional du Développement Durable
    In April 2013, POSSON PACKAGING was rewarded for its sustainable Development's strategy

  • Audencia
    Audencia Business School published a paper on Sylvie CASENAVE-PERE you can discover here.
  • FSC-PEFC Certification
    In 2011 Posson Packaging began the procedure for certification on the traceability of wood.
  • Oscar de l'Emballage award
    In Novembre 2012, POSSON PACKAGING was rewarded for the WILO STAR packaging during the “Oscar de l’Emballage” challenge. The jury liked the ingenuity of this solution integrating functions of packaging and product’s protection.

    We are pleased to let you discover the POSSON PACKAGING team in a report broadcast on France 2 TV channel news on Thursday, March 7th. This report was made on the occasion of the Women's Day. Just click here (video in french)

    POSSON PACKAGING appeared in another report about the Challenges of Industry for small firms on “Expression Directe” broadcast on Tuesday, March 12th. Just click here (video in french)

  • French Federation on Carton Board awards 2012
    Posson Packaging wins 2012 folding carton trophy for its box called “wheel of time”.
    As a member of Oséo Excellence, Posson Packaging was featured in a television report on France's number one news channel, BFM TV and on its sister channel BFM Business from 22 to 28 January 2012.

    Watch it here (video in french)
  • POSSON PACKAGING: star of printing
    The Posson Packaging team are honoured to have been awarded the 2011 star of printing trophy in the “specialist” category.  The stars of printing trophies are awarded by the magazine Caractère for printing companies that distinguish themselves by their performance and strategy. The ceremony took place on 15 December 2011 and attracted 230 professionals from the printing world.

    Find out more at